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Christmas In Harlem (Remix)

by Nukky Grissom

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I was like, I dunno, shit maybe 6 or somethin’/
Up in arms, like I hope that St. Nick’s comin’/
Word’s out around the schoolyard, kids buggin/
Heard he ain’t real, rumour-mill had us all buzzin’/
Like "Hey man, you heard about Santa Claus?/
Heard the muthafucker ain’t real, he a fraud!”
Well, they ain’t say “motherfucker” / but uh,
You get the picture/ Word’s spreadin’ like butter/
I didn’t wanna believe ‘em/
But couldn’t argue with their reason/ And logic/
Afterall, he was pretty fat/
Chimney holes are pretty small how the hell he fit in that?/
Plus, what about a house wit’ no chimney, huh?/
How he get in and out, so quickly, huh?/
Had to find me some answers/
Snuck downstairs once I got in my pajamas

8 o’clock , 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock, lyin’ there
Underneath the table in the living room, I'm hidin’ there/
Waitin’, eyes gettin’ heavy/
Shift around a little gotta keep myself ready/
...way too tired though/
I can barely keep my eyes open/
He better come soon like c’mon please c’mon!/
I keep hopin’/
That, any minute he, /
Walks in, or comes flyin’ down my chiminey/
Bag o’ toys, maybe some goalie pads /
And anything else that’ll fit under my Christmas tree/
I’m dozin’ off though/
Don’t think I’m gonna make it/
...everything’s fadin’/


released December 23, 2013
Lyrics/Vocals: Nukky Grissom
Instrumental: Kanye West - Christmas In Harlem (Prod. by HitBoy)
Recording/Mixing Engineer: Bryan "BC" Cockett



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