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Me feat. Alex Price

by Nukky Grissom

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I see them haters, hatin'
Guess it's congratulations
Bottom's up girl, let's get faded
And all I got to say is
I watch them haters starin'
That must just mean we made it/
By now the high is fadin' and all I got to say is

Yeah I'ma do me
Yeah I'ma do me
Yeah I'ma do me
Watch me do my thing

Right now feel perfect/
Probably cuz they told me it ain’t worth it/
Probably cuz they told me I should quit rap/
Get a job, get dough, RRSP that/
Fuck that, doin’ it my own/
Tried convincin’ Mom it’d be okay/
Took awhile but I think she bought in /
Now we just laugh at all the pictures in the hallway/
Came a long way though/
It’s ’88, I’m Jordan with the cradle/
That’s ballin’, in case you didn’t get it/
Had to take a shot, hit the clock to reset it, uh/
And I’m jus’ givin’ you the facts man/
Paid dues, I ain’t worried ‘bout no tax man
And now we’re just collectin’ payback/
And we don’t got no “Fuckin’ Problems”, word to ASAP/

Yeah I'ma do me
Yeah I'ma do me
Yeah I'ma do me
Watch me do my thing

I hear ‘em talkin’, mouth wide open/
It’s all good, I just take it as an omen/
Time came fast, I ain’t fuckin’ slow-pokin’/
While they on the sidelines but they ain’t coachin’/
They just watchin’, wishin’ they could be here/
We just tryna leave a mark ‘fore we leave here/
Tryna climb to a peak, they won’t reach there/
Let it sink in, sinkin’ in a beach chair/
My shine is, destined to blind ya/
Better put shades on, just a reminder/
Rearview mindstate, fuck whoever behind ya/
Gunnin’ for the top and yeah we’re cuttin’ in the lineup
Haters yellin’ from the back, we don’t hear dem/
They wanna walk in my shoes, couldn’t wear dem/
They wanna act like I didn’t have to scrap/
As if I woke up and the shit was on my lap/ Nah



released August 12, 2013
Lyrics and Vocals by Nukky Grissom/Alex Price/Anshu "AM" Sharma
Additional Vocals by Alex Price
Produced by Anshu "A.M" Sharma
Recorded and mixed by Bryan "BC" Cockett



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Nukky Grissom Ontario

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