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Our Time

by Nukky Grissom

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I'm tryin' man
And I tell 'em that

It ain't our time to go/
Ain't our time to go yet/
So fuck what you've heard/
It ain't our time to go yet/
Too much dough to get/
It ain't our time to go/
Too much weed to smoke/
Ain't our time to go yet/
We're too young to care/
So fuck what you've heard/
It ain't our time to go yet/

Sometimes I sit still/
Let time slip through my fingers, wastin' it and I bitch still/
Like where'd all this time go?/
I put in my 10-thou, and that's word to Gladwell/
Time to watch it all play out/
Spin the wheel hope it pays out/
Cuz fuck if it don't, then it's back to square-one/
To that spot I begun, uh/


Been up for like two weeks/
Spend dough, quicker than it come in, in and out of them boutiques/
Accounts are pushin' overdraft/
Fuck it though, I'm ballin son, you can hear my shoes squeak/
Play the part to get the part/
Zonin' in on my target, I'm aimin', gon' hit my mark/
Buy a bottle to pour it out/
Grab a page, my whole life come pourin' out/


Too much dough to get
Too much weed to smoke
Too late to care
Do what we do to cope


released March 10, 2014
Written and performed by: Nukky Grissom
Produced by: Clams Casino
Mixed by: Bryan "BC" Cockett for UAN Sound



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Nukky Grissom Ontario

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